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The Carex project as part of the French government’s "national commitment to rail freight"!


Yanick Paternotte, Member of the French Parliament, Chairman of Roissy Carex and Euro Carex and author of the Parliamentary report «Remettre le fret sur les rails : un défi économique, social et environnemental» (Getting freight back on track: an economic, social and environmental challenge) is delighted with the rail freight revival programme unveiled by the government on 16 September 2009, not least because it adopts many of his recommendations.

These recommendations include the creation of local rail operators and the development of high-speed freight. In its national commitment to rail freight, the government also reiterates its support for the Carex high-speed freight project initiated and supported by Yanick Paternotte.


It has to be said that this commitment by government to rail freight marks a necessary and welcome break with previous policy in this area. The task now is to support and defend this French political initiative at the European level.

View the “National Commitment to Rail Freight” press kit issued by the French government (in French)


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Meeting with Mercitalia representatives

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A Euro Carex delegation met representatives of the Italian rail transport company Mercitalia, which will launch a high-speed railfreight service in Italy in October 2018.