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Competitive dialogue

In addressing the specific requirement to transport airfreight pallets and containers using high-speed trains (at speeds up to 300 kph) that currently exist only in passenger versions, Roissy Carex launched in 2008 a competitive dialogue procedure to which Alstom and Siemens have responded. Both manufacturers have been requested to supply details of their ability to manufacture 20 interoperable trains with a guaranteed loading/unloading time of 15 minutes, to provide cost estimates and delivery lead times, and to put forward proposed maintenance, approval and funding solutions.

Alstom and Siemens presented their respective proposals to the public and private stakeholders of Carex in December 2008.

The study does confirm the technical feasibility of the scheme and, more specifically, the possibility of trains being fitted with the loading units most commonly used by airfreight operators. The floors of the wagons used will be fitted with a system of ball transfer units and rollers identical to that used in specialist airfreight trucks and aircraft. Each train will be able to carry about 100 tonnes of freight.

Since 2013, the board directors of Euro Carex requested to examine again the first technical studies in order to consider a configuration at lower cost. A new consultation has been launched among the railways and rolling stock manufacturers for a feasibility study of existing rolling stock.

Meeting with Mercitalia representatives

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A Euro Carex delegation met representatives of the Italian rail transport company Mercitalia, which will launch a high-speed railfreight service in Italy in October 2018.