Railports Carex

EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

Major steps


  • March 5th: Presentation of the second phase of the "Euro Carex Business Plan" study to the members of the Board of Directors and launch of the third phase. 
  • May 15th: Appointment of two new directors at the Euro Carex board : Cédric Fetcher, as representative of Lyon Carex and Jean-Claude Fontinoy, representing the Euro Carex Club. 
  • June 25th: Presentation of the final report of the "Euro Carex Business Plan" study to the members of the Euro Carex Board of Directors. 
  • July 4th: Meeting with Mercitalia representatives




  • March 29th : Meeting of the Board of Directors and Ordinary General Assembly. Serge Kreins, deputy general manager of Euro Carex resigned and was replaced by Jacqueline Weynand.
  • May 4th : Visit of a Chinese delegation 
  • June 19th : Reception of a German delegation chaired by the Parlementary State Secretary at Euro Carex headquarter.
  • June : Mission's report of Mathieu Grosch regarding the future creation of Carex Germany. Working groups with German partners should take place in 2017.
  • July 20th : The "Business Plan" study was launched. The study aims to identify the existing and potential European freight volumes in order to evaluate the feaisbility of the Euro Carex service offer.
  • November 22nd: Presentation of the first phase of the "Euro Carex Business Plan" study to the members of the Board of Directors.



  • 5 April  : General assembly and meeting of the Board of Administrators. The Euro Carex General Assembly adopted a resolution towards the European Commission.
  • 8 July : Meeting of the Board of Administrators. The members of the Euro Carex Board of Administrators and of the Euro Carex Club were informed of the conclusions of the reports made by experts on request of Euro Carex.
  • 5 October : During thje meeting of the Board of Administrators, Jean-Pierre Grafé, President ad interim announced his will to leave his seat to a new Chairman. Patrick Renaud, current Chairman of Roissy Carex was unanimously elected new Chairman of Euro Carex. 
  • 28 November : General Assembly and meeting of the Board of Administrators: The General Assembly approved Patrick Renaud's appointment as Chairman of Roissy Carex. Mathieu Grosch's mission to help creating a Carex railport in Germany, was extended to 2017.
  • 15 December :  A private tender was sent to nine European consultancy agencies in order to draw up a previsional business plan concerning the operation of a European high-speed rail freight network. 


  • 4 March : Meeting on the development stage of each railports
  • 30 March : Meeting of the General Assembly and Board of Directors. Renewal of the Board of Directors.
  • 24 November : Meeting of the Board of Administrators - Validation of two new brochures and of two consulting missions to be done in 2016.
  • 24 November : Meeting of the Board of Administrators with guests from Euro Carex Club and other persons concerned by Euro Carex development.
  • 1st December : Launch of two new consulting missions. The first one will be conducted b Mr Enno OSINGA and will aim to validate the level of interest of private partners for the EURO CAREX project. The second one will be conducted by Mr Mathieu GROSCH and will instore a dialogue with potential public partners for the EURO CAREX project in Germany.  



  • 17 June : Board meeting and General assembly in Amsterdam
  • 2 October : Technical meeting for the development of a common discourse
  • 22 October : Introduction to the study about Euro Carex handling operations, conducted by the consulting firms Transae and Aertec, on behalf of Lyon Carex
  • 17 December : Technical meeting for finalization of the common discourse


  • 23 April : Meeting between Euro Carex and representatives of the Leipzig airport (Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding)
  • 12 June : Board meeting and General assembly in Roissy


  • 3 February : Welcome in Liège of a delegation of the General Direction of Transportation of the European Commission
  • 23 February : Board meeting in Brussels
  • 20 and 21 March : operation of a Euro Carex test train between Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Roissy-Paris-CDG and London-St Pancras
  • 27 to 30 March : Euro Carex, exhibitor at SITL Europe in Paris Nord Villepinte
  • 20 June : Board meeting and General assembly in Roissy
  • 25 October : Meeting between Mr Paternotte, Chairman of Euro Carex and representatives of the French Ministry of transportation
  • 14 November : Board meeting in Brussels


  • 14 March : Technical meeting of all railports
  • 29 to 31 March : Participation at the SITL trade fair in Paris
  • 31 March : Board meeting and General assembly in Roissy
  • 10 to 13 May : Participation at Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich


  • April : Launching of the web portal www.eurocarex.com and production of a presentation film
  • 14 April : Meeting of the Board of Administrators and General Assembly in Brussels
  • 14 April : SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company) joins Euro Carex association
  • 14 April : Conference organised by Euro Carex with European parliament members in Brussels
  • 2 September : Meeting between Euro Carex and Fraport in Frankfurt
  • 22 to 24 September : Participation at Innotrans trade fair in Berlin
  • 4 to 11 December : Participation at the high speed trade fair in Beijing
  • 17 December : Board meeting and General assembly in Roissy



2009: creation of EURO CAREX

  • 23 January: Alstom and Siemens present their proposals as part of the rolling stock competitive dialogue procedure
  • 26 April: official creation of Euro Carex, the federation of CAREX railports, following a Belgian royal decree. The head office of the new entity is in Brussels.
  • 15 June: creation of the GEC (Groupement Européen des Chargeurs Carex or CAREX European Shippers Group) to facilitate discussion with rail operators
  • 7 July: creation of the Eurocarex Club, with the aim of bringing together all private and public operators interested in supporting the project and contributing to its growth
  • 22 October: discussion seminar between Euro Carex members and the GEC to identify future priorities and examine European co-funding programmes, such as Interreg, Marco Polo and RTE-T

2008: the Carex Railports begin to take shape as studies continue

  • 4 March: presentation by representatives of CAREX locations or "Railports" to Commissioner Barrot
  • 21 March: official creation of LIEGE CAREX, as a not-for-profit organisation
  • 7 May: meeting between French government Minister Jean-Louis Borloo and Yanick Paternotte
  • 15 May: meeting of representatives from all Railports at Roissy prior to the constitution of the EURO CAREX Federation. The result is a unanimous commitment to create an entity whose purpose is to promote the project at European level
  • 25 June: signature in the Netherlands of the official declaration of cooperation between Yanick Paternotte and Arthur Van Dijk,the Chairman of HST Cargo Schiphol and councillor for Haarlemmermeer
  • 24 September: official creation of LYON CAREX, as a not-for-profit association under the French 1901 legislation
  • 10 October: the Dutch government gives its support to HSTCARGO SCHIPHOL for construction of the Dutch Carex terminal and the creation of a rail link to the high-speed line

2007: The European partnership gets on track

  • May to September: visits to the future locations for phase 1 of the Carex network: Lyon, Liège, London, Amsterdam and Cologne.
  • 26 June: French President Nicolas Sarkozy makes reference to the Carex project supported by French Member of Parliament Yanick Paternotte at the official opening of a new terminal at Roissy-CDG airport.
  • September: creation of the HST CARGO SCHIPHOL public-private working group in Amsterdam
  • 25 October: the Carex project receives the seal of approval from the French Grenelle de l'Environnement (governmental environment initiative)
  • 29 November: creation of LONDON CAREX Ltd., a private company wholly-owned by Eurotunnel
  • 22 December: launch of a competitive dialogue procedure for the specification of rolling stock: positive responses received from Alstom and Siemens

2006: creation of Roissy Carex, preliminary studies and initial support

  • 8 February: creation of Roissy Cargo Express, as the first link in the CAREX chain
  • 21 June: launch of the technical and economic feasibility study conducted by Elcimaï/Sigm
  • 27 June: first meeting in Brussels with European Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot to follow up a letter of support for the project
  • 20 October: letter from the European Investment Bank expressing its interest in the CAREX project
  • 8 November: meeting in Brussels with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy and Transport and a representative of the Mayor of London
  • 8 December: conference to present the findings of the feasibility study

Meeting with Mercitalia representatives

Flux rss

A Euro Carex delegation met representatives of the Italian rail transport company Mercitalia, which will launch a high-speed railfreight service in Italy in October 2018.