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The data communicated below result from studies carried out by the Carex entities and are informational data. These are estimates that are regularly undergoing significant updating. These data have been consolidated for the establishment of the general Euro Carex business plan.

Volumes identified

Euro Carex asked the Belgian firm ETS to carry out a consolidation work of all traffic flows from economic studies previously completed locally at the various Carex sites in order to extract potentially transferable traffic to future Carex connections.

After writing methodological specifications and validation of a deferral rate for the modal shift as well as a annual growth rate, freight volumes were assessed by 2019.

The transportation plan gives finalized by origin / destination, freight volumes expressed in ULD 4.5 tonne payload ULD and an estimate of the number of trains to run.

This study comes in addition to those carried by the railways.

Former local studies :

Roissy Carex
Elcimaï/Sigma Business Plan for Roissy Carex - 2008

Lyon Carex
Arthur D. Little market study for Lyon Carex - 2009

Amsterdam Carex
Ecorys / Districom Business Case for HST Cargo Schiphol - 2008

Liege Carex
Ernst & Young market study for Liege Carex - 2007


Main Investments

Investments required to develop high-speed rail freight lines between multiple airport hubs will focus on rolling stock, rail terminals and their connection to the HSL.

First estimates have been made by professionals. In irder to launch a pilot line at lower cost, new assesments are been conducted.

All mentionned costs are excluding costs of land acquisition or land rental.

Carex trains
The cost of construction of 20 high speed trains may vary between 600 M€ and 700 M€ according to the manufacturer and options selected. These proposals include development costs and fixed costs but do not incorporate the maintenance costs that will be covered by a specific contract with the designated manufacturer.

The reuse of existing rolling stock should enable a cost reduction of about 30%.

Railway branch (or connecting) lines
The unit cost will depend on their length and complexity. It varies from 10 M€ to over 100 M€ depending on the site.

Carex "Railport" terminals
Not all the terminals will have to handle the same traffic volumes. Some will thus be sized with one rail track and others may have four 400 m in length for handling double trains. The choice of loading mode (automatic/conventional) will also impact size and design and affect cost as will the earthmoving work that may prove necessary.

Meeting with Mercitalia representatives

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A Euro Carex delegation met representatives of the Italian rail transport company Mercitalia, which will launch a high-speed railfreight service in Italy in October 2018.