Launched in 2006 at the initiative of public authorities, airport and railway companies and major air cargo operators, the Euro Carex project proposes a modal shift from air freight currently transported by trucks and short / medium-haul planes to high-speed trains.
Bringing together public and private partners, the associations created around the airports of Roissy CDG, Lyon Saint Exupéry, Liège, and Amsterdam Schiphol, as well as project developers in the London area, have come together to form the non-profit association Euro Carex in March 2009. Yanick Paternotte has been the founding Chairman of Euro Carex.
In a first phase, the new rail service will connect the freight airport areas in Amsterdam Schiphol, Liège, Lyon St Exupéry, Roissy CDG, the London basin and Germany. The network will expand later to Spain and Italy.
Euro Carex is a real innovative sustainable development project on a European scale. With a structuring effect of spatial planning that involves all elected officials, business leaders and residents of airport areas, this network represents a real opportunity for modal shift of freight transport with a positive impact on the economy, employment and the environment.
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Honorary Chairman Euro Carex